Scalp blood supply enhanced by Minca Scalp Spray

Minca scalp sprayTo survive and thrive the recovering hair follicle needs a lush blood supply. Hair scientists speculate that one of the reasons for the hair thinning due to aging is a reduction of scalp blood flow. Hair follicles are one of the most metabolically active tissues in the body. It takes a lot of resources both materials and energy to construct a normal mature human hair. All these resources are brought to the follicle through the circulation, which explains why blood flow is a principal factor regulating hair growth.

To enhance the flow of blood to the scalp generally and especially the area directly around the growing follicle minoxidil is included in the formula. This may not be the only beneficial effect of this drug on the hair follicle but it is one of the best understood.

Minca Scalp Spray stimulates hair stem cell growth and health

Tretinoin is a form of activated vitamin A made by the body. It is available as a pharmaceutical that is included in Minca Scalp Spray. Tretinoin promotes stem cell proliferation. These new cells mature into the hair shaft keratinocytes.

Lots of things damage the stem cell DNA. Some of the best known include UV sun light, inflammation and certain metabolic toxins. This damage is cumulative as it is passed down to daughter cells during cell division. As time passes and damage accumulates cell function deteriorates. One of the other key roles of tretinoin in human biology is to promote cell recovery by producing enzymes that detect and repair damaged DNA segments. When stem cells are healed in this way the multitude of daughter cells born of the healed cell retain the repair and go on to live a healthier life than they ordinarily would.

Inclusion of tretinoin in Minca Scalp Spray both stimulates grow of new hair cells and the health of the stem cells that make hair.