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New Year, New Hair

Make it part of your new year’s resolution to stop concealing your hair loss and finally start treating the problem. Almost 40% of women over the age of 40 experience some sort of hair loss.  Yet many of these women struggle with how to permanently resolve the issue. Commercials and over the counter drug retailers advertise that pills and vitamins Read more

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Common Causes of Hair Loss

Hair loss among women is extremely common but typically unexplained. Many women face both minor and major forms of hair loss without understanding the true causes. Without understanding why the hair is falling out, it’s difficult to understand the best form of treatment. Here are a few common causes of hair loss among women. Sudden Health Changes Any type of Read more

seasonal hair loss

Is seasonal hair loss real?

Many women notice seasonal hair loss throughout the fall months that is more frequent than other times of the year. This sudden increase in shedding can cause great concern, especially when it is difficult to understand the cause. Although there are many reasons for hair loss in women, it is known that some hair loss is seasonal. So why does Read more