How to properly use Minca Scalp Spray

Your objective is to get the spray on the scalp, not the hair. It is not a hair spray. The scalp is the How To Use the Minca Sprayarea of interest because that is where the hair follicles live and where we want to deliver the medications. The pharmaceutical concentrations used are carefully measured to provide you with the benefits we have outlined. Once on the scalp the medications can gain access to the hair follicle by direct penetration through the surface of the scalp skin or by entry through the surface pore where the hair shaft exits. The components of Minca Scalp Spray help the medications get to where they need to go.

To work properly use 10 activations of Minca Scalp Spray twice a day about 12 hours apart on a dry scalp. Ten sprays of the solution contain about ½ tsp. The spray is designed to dry rapidly and leave a minimal trace on the hair. If using after bathing, dry your hair first with a towel and blow dryer, then apply 10 activations of the spray. Lift the hair in layers with one hand to gain better access to the scalp. Apply the spray equally across the crown and vertex of the head. Brush the solution into the scalp. If desired you can use the blow dryer again to completely remove all added moisture. To retain the gains you have made from use of our therapies it is critical that you use Minca Scalp Spray twice a day indefinitely.

Access to the Minca Scalp Spray formula

Minca Scalp Spray is a compounded pharmaceutical that is not made by drug companies but is available from a compounding pharmacy. Since it contains US FDA regulated drugs it is available by prescription only.

The spray formula is printed on the label so your other doctors can see what drugs are contained in it. Since the formula is in a standard format a compounding pharmacist can make it as long as a licensed physician orders it for you.

By having access to this formula you will always be able to obtain a supply of the spray no matter where you live. As long as you remain under Dr. Woodson’s care he will prescribe Minca Scalp Spray for you and we compound and provide it for you.

It is important that you have access to the formula because if for any reason you loose contact with us you can have the spray compounded for you. Continued use of Minca Scalp Spray is needed to conserve the gains you have made from the treatments obtained at our center.